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      A&V Check

      A&V Checked suppliers are Gold Suppliers who have passed authentication and verification inspection by Alibaba.com as well as a third-party verification company. All legal business licenses and contact persons are verified for those who have been A&V Checked. CCIS(PRC). A&V Liability Disclaimer.
      Verified Information By A&V Checked
      Verification Type: third-party verification service provider
      Company Name: Hangzhou Aika Engineering Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
      This name is automatically translated according to the Chinese registration name "杭州埃卡工程機械設備有限公司" on the supplier's business license, and is for reference only.
      Country/Territory: China
      Registered address: Room 1017, Building E, Meidu Plaza, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
      Year Established: 2012
      Legal Representative: Zhengping Wang
      Legal Form: Limited Liability Company (Invested Or Controlled By Natural Persons)
      Registration No.: 913301055966273054
      Issuing Authority: Gongshu District Market Supervision Administration of Hangzhou
      Date of Issue: 2012-06-07
      Date of Expiry: 2032-06-06
      Registered Capital: RMB 2,000,000
      Applicant Information
      Name: Ms. Denese He
      Department: Department of Foreign Trade
      Job Title: Manager
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